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Founded by Paul and Aniko Smith, Touchstone Education is a property investment company that exists to inspire people to financial freedom through knowledge. Invest in your dreams… Shape your future.

All of our training courses, from an online webinar to a 12 Month Masterclass, have three aspects to them for you.

Practical Knowledge

First, we don’t just dump information on you… we give you the knowledge you need to take action. All our courses are designed to be immediately enabled, so you can make changes immediately.

Some property investments CAN provide a reliable route to financial freedom, but having the information you need isn’t enough. 

You also need support. You need people to look out for you… people who can show you the holes in the road.

When you attend a course with Touchstone, you’ll always leave with the knowledge to take immediate action, and the support to keep you on track.


We all need inspiration. But why?

Inspiration is to inspire; to breathe in; to show that something is possible. To support you in doing something you wouldn’t otherwise do.

People talk a lot about motivation, but motivation is an external force to get somebody to do something they don’t want to do.

You’ll always come away inspired after attending a course with us at Touchstone Education. Things that were ‘impossible’ will suddenly be achievable.

Group Accountability

If you want to achieve true financial freedom, you’ll need help along the way. As well as people cheering you on, you’ll need people holding you accountable.
You’ll need a group of people who will challenge your mindset, and encourage you to grow as a person.

We often quote Dr John Dimartini, who says “the skillset without the mindset will just leave you upset”.

If you spent two days and thousands of pounds on a Serviced Accommodation course and then didn’t do anything, you’d be upset.

What you get at Touchstone Education is an environment where you’re supported every step of the way. We’ll celebrate your successes. And we’ll push you when you need it. It’s equally important to be pushed when you don’t want to do something, as it is to be patted on the back when something has gone right.

Thanks to the Touchstone Team. The property leverage course I attended yesterday was packed with valuable info and insight - my note training skills were definitely tested! Such great content and worth every penny!

Vicki Wonders, Property Investor

True valuable property & financial education. You feel at home with the staff and other students at touchstone. I was truly humbled at how easy it was to approach everyone at the training. Paul really gives you in depth nitty gritty information on TRUE property investing & financial knowhow.

Doriane Fontaine, Property Investor

The level of training, education, and support in the mastermind is the best I have found. It is straightforward, easy to get your head around, and very actionable.

Piyush Acharya, Property Investor

In my best year, I gained 47 Serviced accommodation units, turning over a total revenue of £1.3 Million, however in recent years this has slowed down and I have come to mastermind to re-engage my business and achieve greater numbers than before.

Andy Keech, Property Investor

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