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Paul Smith is a co-founder at Touchstone Education.

Jul 26

Answers to Serviced Accommodation Questions

By Paul Smith

Do you ever have questions about Serviced Accommodation? This week I'd like to share a transcript with you of SOME of the Q and A from Monday’s webinar, The Buy To Let Survival Guide. I think you’ll find the answers useful... --- Q. Does Serviced Accommodation work in areas of high unemployment, and high crime? A. You had me

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Jul 18

Successful vs Unsuccessful People

By Paul Smith

Successful vs Unsuccessful people

When you delve deeper into the murky world of property investment, you run into something I call the ‘success monologue’. Often insinuated rather than spoken aloud, the success monologue says: Unless your property portfolio is worth £10 million, you ‘haven’t made it’ Unless you have 50 SA units, you’re not a ‘real player’ You have to hustle, crush

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