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Don’t Look Backwards…. You are Not Going That Way 

Many people stuck in a “9 to 5” or running their own business are desperate for CHANGE in their life.

We have put together an inspirational weekend for people that want to Discover Life-Changing Secrets to Wealth through Property.

Knowledge, Networking and the Opportunity to take the Next Step to Change Your Life.

Property can be a fantastic solution with Passive Income, tenants Buying Property for You, Property Values Increasing and the Real Value of your mortgages being Eroded by inflation over time.


Property can also be daunting…. This event is specifically designed to answer all the questions You will have:

“Where do I start?” Start by attending this FREE Event. Take this small first step to change your future.

“I don’t have enough money / deals / time / knowledge……” With the right Education and Support You can do this and we will Prove it to You.

“Property Investing …. That’s just Buy To Let’s isn’t it?” We will share multiple Property Strategies over the weekend. Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s), Serviced Accommodation (, AirBnB and all the rest…), Rent to Rent (R2R) and other simple ways to get income from Property You Do Not Own.

“I can’t do it…” Armed with Knowledge and the best Support everyone can do this. We have worked with thousands of people from all walks of life and every age group from 14 years old to 79 years old! We would love to push that bracket to even younger and more mature investors!

Touchstone Educations trainers are all experts in their fields. Every single one is a “walking the walk” and Touchstone certifies that for you. We have trained thousands of property investors.

Watching people achieve financial freedom is a wonderful thing.

The fundamental definition of insanity “Doing the same thing and expecting a different result” (Einstein).

If You want a different Outcome what are You going to do about it?

Just one weekend with Touchstone in Doncaster will give you the answers you are looking for.

  • Make serious money from: Buy to Let (Done correctly) –
  • Other People’s Property –
  • Simple Property Secrets (That almost nobody knows…) –
  • Leveraging Multi-Millionaires techniques –
  • Business Structures –
  • Tax Efficiency, Tax Savings, advanced Tax Knowledge, Tax Free Money –
  • Massive Increases in Property Value with one Phone Call –
  • Side-Step all the “Anti Landlord Tax Legislation”
  • Make Money in Your Sleep

Discover Massive Property Profits in just Two Days

Get on the “Housing Ladder” for Free …..

Attend this FREE EVENT by reserving your seat for just £50. We only have 200 seats and we want to make sure only people serious about taking action turn up.

Attend and on the Sunday evening we will give you a £50 note. This course will only cost you money if you do not attend!



Is this a “get rich quick” seminar?” Property is the very best “get wealthy over a few years” strategy… could be quicker (or slower) depending on how you do it

How would you describe your style? We are the normal people…… Like you

Is there an upsell? Yes. For people that want the next level. No pressure if not.

Where is Doncaster? Kings Cross, 90 minutes no changes on the train. A1, M1, middle of the UK.

Can I attend for one day not two? You could but we would not recommend it. It is a two day programme.

My partner does not want me to join a “cult” …. OK to bring them also…. Free on us ….

“I love the idea but I am scared….” Thank you for your honesty.. we are all scared, all the time. Come and join us


For people who:

Do not to accept that they “Have to Do” anything

Those that want a better life

All those determined to secure the future of their children

Not for people:

That know “it can’t be done”

If you have too much time and money already…. Don’t attend….

For the rest of you … see you there


PS: We have great bonuses for you…”Property Quick Start Bonus Bag” on Sunday Afternoon – Free Networking Session – Valuable Prizes to be Won over the whole weekend.

Date: 3rd and 4th March 2018



6-9 Railway Court

Ten pound Walk


South Yorkshire