​Simple Secrets to build profit from property

Learn the Simple Secrets to Build Profit from Property

“Safe as houses” goes the old saying. And it’s still true!

If there’s one investment strategy you can follow in the UK today that is a nailed on, guarantee to genuine wealth creation, it’s property.

But if that’s the case then why are so many landlords selling up? Because they didn’t follow a tried and tested property strategy. WE CAN teach you the strategies to follow so YOU CAN create genuine intergenerational wealth.

So, if you want to change your career, supplement your existing income or get into property in a serious way, come and spend 2 days with us on 17th and 18th March to find out how you can change your life through property.

learn from our success – we ‘walk the walk’

Touchstone Education is a rapidly growing company that offers strategised and procedural training which enables people from any background to enhance their knowledge and their wealth. Touchstone Education’s trainers are all experts in their fields. They’re all fully certified trainers as you’d expect, and just as importantly they all practice what they teach.

Between them they’ve equipped thousands of property investors just like you with the strategies and tools to succeed in property. Why do they do it? Because watching people achieve financial freedom is a wonderful thing!

You’ll learn from their success, but they’ll also teach you what mistakes they made along the way so you don’t have to make the same ones!

Whether you want to be a passive investor or be more hands on, this free 2-day event will allow you to fully understand what opportunities are open to you in the property industry and to make a fully informed choice about the path you want to follow to financial freedom.


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A property solution tailored for you

Confused about the various property strategies? Don’t worry, we explain them all and help you to choose the right one for you – one that fits your preferred lifestyle, commitments and financial expectations. We’ll dig into the core property routes including:

  • Serviced accommodation
  • HMOs & lettings
  • Commercial property and conversions
  • Buying or following a Rent-to-Rent strategy

Your training team for the weekend:

Paul SmithBSc, MBA

Paul is the UK’s number one authority on Serviced Accommodation, is a #1 best-selling author on Amazon and a serial commercial property investor.

Subjects: Property, Business, Finance and Wealth Creation.

Scott WeirBSc, MSc

Scott is a globally recognised martial artist and keen marathon runner with a portfolio of 200+ properties, who will help you ‘get fit’ for property success!

Subjects: Productivity Black Belt trainer – become twice as productive as you were before!

Paul Baldry and Andy McInnes

Been there, done that, made a fortune on the t-shirts! Paul’s property journey enabled him to effectively retire at 29 whilst Andy is a successful property entrepreneur and best-selling author.

Subjects: 30-Days to Property Success. Find out how to board the fast track to property success.

Abi Hookway and Gordon Dutfield

Two inspirational people that have recently made the successful transition into property investing. They now have 50+ properties under their control, which earn them thousands of pounds per month from property they don’t own!

Subjects: Rent to Rent. Learn about the ins and outs of Rent to Rent; the no-money down property strategy.

Can you afford not to come to this event?

Spend just two days of your life to change your future. Albert Einstein; a man who knew a thing or two about human nature, said that the fundamental definition of insanity was

“Doing the same thing and expecting a different result.”

So, unless you’re sitting on enough wealth to see you comfortable for the rest of your life (and if you choose, your children’s and grandchildren’s lives too), it’s time to do something different! And this is where it starts!

A weekend with Touchstone in Doncaster will give you the answers you are looking for.

Make serious money from:

  • Buy to Let – when done correctly!
  • Other People’s Property – learn the secrets of this that almost nobody knows…
  • Leveraging Multi-Millionaires techniques – at almost any level of investment
  • Creating tax efficient – and completely legal – business structures
  • Property while you sleep

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*No that’s not a typo, there’s no cost to attend this event. We’re so sure that you’ll recognise the enormous opportunities on offer that the astute amongst you will consider carrying on your property journey by choosing a next level – paid for – course for the specific route that interests you. We know you’ll have some more questions – so here are the answers to a few.

“Will these courses be available to book during/after the event?” Yes“

And I suppose there will be discounts for those booking there and then?” Yes of course, it saves us having to sell those spaces afterwards which incurs a cost, so you benefit from that saving.

“No doubt I’ll be given the hard sell before I can leave?” Absolutely not, this isn’t an 80s timeshare scheme! There’s no benefit to us in people coming to our course that don’t really want to be there. We only want people that want to become successful in property.

And there’s more!

We’ve already mentioned the 6 great trainers you’ll meet at the weekend. Well make that 10, as we’ve just added four more! 

Life’s a Stage…What does Serviced Accommodation, HMOs and Buy-to-Lets all have in common? They need to look and feel good. Alison Roy-Conlon and Olivia Conlon will show you how to stage a property for maximum profit… whatever property strategy you follow.

Money, money, money!Multiple award-winning businessman Ian McBain and his son talk cash, money returns and profit. See how you can simply multiply profit from property you already own, or get paid handsomely to increase the cashflow and reduce tax on property you do not own. Got Buy to let Blues? Discover the simple way to more money with HMOs!

And finally…As if that isn’t enough, over the weekend you’ll receive

  • An additional Free networking session;
  • The opportunity to win valuable prizes throughout the weekend, and
  • A property ‘quick start’ bonus bag on Sunday afternoon

What do our course attendees think?


Q: “Is this a get rich quick seminar”A: It’s been proven that property is the lowest risk strategy to improve your financial wealth over the course of a few years. Some people achieve this more quickly – especially those who educate themselves in it.

Q: “The course is free. Will there be sales hype?”A: You will of course be offered the opportunity of enrolling onto an advanced course, but there’s absolutely no pressure to do so. It’s your decision whether you choose to or not, we’re simply helping you make an informed decision.

Q: “How would you describe your style?”A: Completely normal. We’re just like you!

Q: “Can I attend for just one day rather than two?”A: You can but you’ll not then receive the full training on offer.

Q: “My partner thinks I’ll be cajoled into signing up for something I shouldn’t!”A: You know your own mind, but if you’re worried (or they are), then bring them along and make a joint decision; it’s their future you’re considering too. And did we mention it’s free?

Q: “Where is Doncaster?”A: It’s bang in the middle of the UK; 90 minutes from London by train, and just off the A1 and M1.

Is this event for me?

We know that this course isn’t for everyone. You should only attend if you need more wealth, time or freedom and you have the motivation to create those things for yourself. We’ll provide you with the why, how and who, but only you can provide the desire to take that next step towards security through property investment. If you have that then we hope to see you on the 17th and 18th March in Doncaster.


Only attend if you are serious about changing your life. Click the “Book Today” button below now to reserve your place or for more information please call the Touchstone team on 01302 897131.

Change my future!


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