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Touchstone Education's trainers are all experts in their fields. Every single one is "walking the walk" and Touchstone certifies that for you. We have trained thousands of property investors. Watching people achieve financial freedom is a wonderful thing.

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Paul Smith, BSc, MBA, number one best-selling author, world record holder, main board "blue chip" managing director, UK's number one authority on Serviced Accommodation, Commercial Property investor, multi-millionaire, owner of many businesses, proud father of 6 children and Grandfather will spend the weekend with you talking about Property, Business, Finance and Wealth Creation.

Scott Weir, BSc, MSc, Productivity Black belt, managing hundreds of properties, globally recognised martial artist, marathon runner, and property expert shows you how to get double value from the rest of your life.

Paul (retired at 29) Baldry and Andy (written many best-selling books) McInnes will reveal your 30-day roadmap to Property cannot afford to miss this If you want the fast track to property success.

Abi Hookway and Gordon Dutfield, experienced business people now into property investing. Abi and Gordie will explain the ins and outs of Rent to Rent; a no money down property strategy. Abi and Gordie have 50 properties under their control, earning them thousands of pounds per month from property they don't own.

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Confused about the various property strategies? We explain them all and give you a solution to choose the right one for you.

Serviced Accommodation, HMO's, Flipping, what do they all have in common? They need to look and feel good. Ali and Olivia will show you how to stage a property for maximum profit... whatever property strategy you follow.

Multiple award-winning businessman Ian McBain talks cash, money returns and profit. See how you can simply multiply profit from property you already own, or get paid handsomely to increase the cashflow and reduce tax on property you do not own.

Got Buy to let Blues? Discover the simple way to more money with HMO's.

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Make serious money from:

  • Buy to Let (Done correctly)
  • Other Peoples Property - Simple Property Secrets (That almost nobody knows...)
  • Leveraging Multi-Millionaires techniques
  • Business Structures - Tax efficiency and (completely legal) savings
  • Massive Increases in Property Value with one Phone Call
  • Side-Step all the "Anti Landlord Tax Legislation
  • Earn 'hands free' money while you sleep

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  • Why Property Investing is hard-coded into our language: "Safe as Houses...
  • To quote Paul Smith "Don't wait to buy property, control property and wait ..
  • Property doubles in value on average every 7 to 10 years

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" Property Quick Start Bonus Bag" on Sunday Afternoon

Free Networking Session

Valuable Prizes to be Won over the whole weekend

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You should only attend if you need more wealth, time or freedom. Other wise don't.
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For people who do not to accept they "Have to Do" anything

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All those determined to secure the future of their children

Not for people that know "it can't be done"

If you have too much time and money already ... Don't attend...

For the rest of you ... see you there on 3rd and 4th on March 2018

6-9 Railway Court
Ten pound Walk
South Yorkshire