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Commercial Portfolio Building 101

Do you have access to £100k+ to invest in property? Discover THE most profitable Property Investment Strategy in this free online training...

24th October

8 - 9.30PM UK BST

Exclusive Online Presentation

What You'll Discover
On this Live Webinar:

  1. How to use your own resources (or JV resources) to generate huge returns
  2. How to invest in commercial property in a low-risk way
  3. How to provide 'homes for high street brands'... without becoming 'Bob the Builder'
  4. How to achieve financial freedom through just ONE deal
  5. How to invest with confidence, when everyone else thinks you're mad

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If you don't have that level of resources, we suggest you watch our Serviced Accommodation webinars for a more suitable strategy.


Paul Smith
Paul Smith
Dan Taylor