Doncaster Pride 2022

by | Mar 22, 2022

We are beyond honoured to be the headline sponsor for this year’s Doncaster Pride event! 

Held in Doncaster on August the 6th, Doncaster Pride now attracts more than 20,000 visitors each year, every year to join in the celebrations. 

After such an ‘unknown’ and dark couple of years, we wanted to make it known that we hold our local community in such high regard and that we believe diversity, is a light that shines through any darkness.  

As an all-inclusive organisation, we proudly support the LGBTQA+ community & are delighted to be a part of this fantastic celebration in August. 

We are a high growth local business, which means we are currently recruiting for Marketing, Sales & Finance professionals to join our business and contribute to our growing, exceptional team. 

A world without fear and discrimination based on your sexuality, skin colour, size, religion, heritage, and beliefs, is a world that we practise daily. 

All are welcome, all are special, all are family. 

Chair of Doncaster Pride Jenny Dewsnap says –    
“We are delighted to have Touchstone Education as our headline Event Sponsor. Working with such a great team in a business with an amazing ethos is wonderful for Pride.    
We welcome them to our pride family here in Doncaster and will work together with them to deliver a great event.    
It’s so important that the LGBTQA+ community have employer champions who bring their values to the workplace and as sponsors, we hope to cement that relationship with the community and the team at Touchstone Education long into the future.”
Looking for a rewarding and advantageous career in the Doncaster area? Visit our website for more details on our recruitment process.    
Lastly, I would strongly encourage any business to support the local community and its beautiful diverse nature, as we truly believe that without the local community there is no business. 
 Thank you, see you all in August, 

 Paul Smith