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Grow your property profit from £2,000 a month to £20,000+ in 12 months.

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Learn how to leverage time, skills, money, and network to grow your property income exponentially.
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"The Secret of Taking Your Results To The Next Level is Joining a Mastermind"
What is The Elite Mastermind?
Simply put, it’s our most limited opportunity for a handful of individuals who immediately grasp the importance this can have for their business.

The Elite Mastermind is our inner most circle and brings together successful, forward-thinking entrepreneurs with one goal... to disproportionately grow each member's business to new levels.

Joining the mastermind is a once per year opportunity, and a high level of Drive, Ambition and a Determination to succeed is essential.

That said, owning an existing business is not a necessary requirement to qualify... maybe you're currently at a crossroads - e.g. working in a highly paid corporate job but with insufficient assets, you want to create wealth and a legacy, redundancy or retirement might be looming... or maybe even recently had a health scare... etc.

Whatever the reason, the goal of Elite is to help you experience huge breakthroughs and take things to the next level in 2022.

IMPORTANT: Becoming an Elite Program member is by application only, and I must warn you there also is a waiting list of individuals who were not able to get in last year.
How Does It Work?
Our Elite Program includes up close and personal mentoring with Paul and Aniko, and a small group of high-flying individuals, to develop your business plan over a 12-month period.

As a member you get the following:
  • One Mastermind Day Per Month where you get a full day of masterminding with Paul & Aniko (and the rest of the delegates) either in Doncaster or Duneira
  • Dedicated Focus Time on each member's businesses and objectives
  • High Level Telephone & Email Support as and when you need it
This kind of training and support is only available as an Elite member, and our mission is to help you grow your business and experience breakthroughs much faster than you ever thought possible!
Elite Mastermind Benefits...
As an Elite Mastermind member, you get to develop relationships with the Touchstone inner circle and our highest level networking partners... giving you more accountability, a stronger vision and a clearer focus for your next 12 months in business.

The overall goal of this program is to help each business create disproportionately huge results, while cutting back on working hours needed.

More specifically, we can help you with:
  • Mindset and focus
  • Business structure, systems and tax
  • Rapidly build a significant portfolio
  •  Maximising your pension using SSAS
  •  Becoming a best selling author
  •  Making millions speaking from stage
  •  Run your own training courses
  •  Earning £100K+ from single webinars
  •  Building a multi-million pound training business
...all this is in addition to our well-established property and wealth creation strategies.
Elite Mastermind Results
Don't just take our word for it... check out these results from a few of our Elite Mastermind members
I reached into my old company pension to invest and grow my legacy, which also means if anything happens to me it’s preserved for my family rather than in the old regime my wife only getting 50% – Andrew
It’s about creating a legacy – Jimmy
The Elite Mastermind has been such an opener, showing me how I could have done things so much better – Heather
During my time in the Elite Mastermind I’ve grown my SA properties from 7 to 18, completed a refurbishment project and helped an investor from China purchase a £1.5m property, for cash, that I now manage – Dorothy
The Elite Mastermind is strictly by application only... 
please follow the steps below:


Click the button below and fill out our short questionnaire.


Place a refundable deposit of £995 to speak with us to see if there is a good fit to join Elite.


If successful, your £995 deposit will contribute towards your membership fee.  If your application is unsuccessful, you will receive a full refund.
We look forward to welcoming you inside the Elite Mastermind Program 
and helping you achieve your highest level goals in 2022!
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