Commercial Club Discovery

Get Paid To Provide Homes for high-street brands

If you have access to assets of £100k+ via…

  • Your pension pot
  • Confirmed JV funding
  • Personal finances

… you can take advantage THE most lucrative property strategy available today.Our Commercial Portfolio Builder discovery event is a three hour taster of our full 2-day Commercial Club course. If you want to know more about CPB – and know for certain whether this is the right strategy for you – this discovery event is a must-attend.

What you’ll Learn on this THREE-HOUR TRAINING

  • What Commercial Portfolio Building is, and why this is such a HUGE opportunity
  • How to carve your own niche by leveraging your local knowledge
  • How to keep the tax man happy (very important!)
  • How to spot the right property asset units
  • How to minimise your risk
  • How to fill these units with the right high-street brands
  • The key things different high street brands will pay highly for
  • How to double or even triple the value of commercial properties
  • How to understand commercial property leases

Next Commercial Club Discovery:

To be confirmed 

Price: £497+VAT£97 + VAT

It’s been absolutely fantastic. I’ve been looking for a course like this for a good couple of years and searching high and low for somebody who can talk to us about investing in commercial property… how to do that in a strategic way to maximise your returns and find really, really good deals.

Anybody that’s looking to do commercial investment… this is really the only place that’s doing it so I really recommend that you come along.

Carl Welham (attended Commercial Club)

Very, very interesting. I learned a lot from Dan and from Paul — excellent teachers. It’s something I never knew about so I’ve picked up a lot of nuggets and I’m definitely going to be putting this to use.

Ateh Taku

Next Commercial Club Discovery:

To be confirmed 

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