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Occupancy rates for SA in the UK in 2016

£25 billion

UK accommodation industry worth in the UK


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  • Are you looking to get your Serviced Accommodation business off the ground, or quickly incorporate Serviced Accommodation into your existing business?
  • Would you like to start with proven systems you can use in your business, right away?
  • Do you want to grow your Serviced Accommodation business in months, rather than years?

Our Serviced Accommodation Masterclass is an intensive 2-day training programme, providing the knowledge, tools and connections you need to achieve fast success in Serviced Accommodation. You’ll learn low to leverage our DIAMOND model for predictable, scalable results. And you’ll join a community of SA operators who will guide you when you get stuck.

Get ready for success in Serviced Accommodation

During our two-day course you’ll learn from Service Accommodation entrepreneurs about how to structure, scale and succeed with your Serviced Accommodation business. You’ll leave having learned:

 How to structure your Serviced Accommodation business to minimise your tax liability with capital allowances

 How to research and prioritise Serviced Accommodation opportunities in your area

 Seven ways to acquire property for your SA portfolio (buying property is only one way!)

 How to increase your exposure on AirBnB,, and other online travel agents

 How to market your Serviced Accommodation units beyond and AirBnB, using free or low cost marketing strategies

 How to obtain great reviews and leverage these to increase rates and occupancy

 Which key metrics to monitor – and why 100% occupancy isn’t always desirable!

 How to use a channel manager to leverage your timeHow to grow and nurture your own customer base, and increase direct bookings

 How to setup your operations to minimise logistical headaches (and maximise profits)

 How to maximise unit profitability using revenue manager tools (i.e. how to discount at exactly the right time)

 Increase the capacity of your SA units using simple but often-overlooked method

 How to streamline the customer experience to delight your customers, and encourage repeat bookings

 How to quickly scale your SA business

 How to keep the VAT man happy (very important!)

 How to use your pension to invest in commercial property

And much, much more!

Plus you’ll come away with:

 A complete process map for your SA business

 A clear idea of what work you want to do yourself, and what you want to outsource (i.e. how to play to your strengths!)

 A set of proven documentation and other contracts you can put to use immediately

 A concrete set of ‘next steps’ to move your business forwards immediately

 Access to our community of Masterclass graduates. You’ll join a helpful community of people who want you to succeed

“In Serviced Accommodation, fortune favours the prepared. You can learn everything the hard way. Or you can skip the learning curve!”

Thoughts on the SA Masterclass direct from our students…

Thoughts on the SA Masterclass direct from our students…

“From a total newbie 2 years ago, following Paul’s strategy i now have a portfolio of 10 properties cashflowing over £6K net per month, and doing a commercial conversion to 24 flats.”

John Mann

“I have 40 years experience in the property sector and attended Paul Smiths Masterclass in Serviced Accommodation, an area that I was not familiar with in any great detail prior to attending. Paul and his team provided a template of knowledge and systems that enabled me to have the tools to make informed decisions for entering into the business end of SA but also importantly how to grow the operation using the basic systems provided.I rarely recommend people in life but would recommend Paul and his teams serviced accommodation masterclass.”

Ed Martin

Plus you’ll come away with:

By joining Masterclass today, you will benefit from:

  • Two Days Serviced Accommodation Master Class Training (worth £4,000)
  • Serviced Accommodation Systems Blueprint (worth £997)
  • Membership Access & Ongoing Mentoring (worth £1,200)

PLUS these EXCLUSIVE Bonuses…


Swipe & Deploy Vault

Checklists to systematise your business (£997 value)


Contract Library 

Start with the right contractual agreements (£2,308 value)


Serviced Accommodation MBA Programme 

Key information about commercial finance, pensions, tax, corporate structure (£1,297 value)

Total value = £9,796

Your Investment in Long Term Serviced Accommodation SUCCESS = only £4,000+VAT

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We’re Here To Answer Any Questions You Have…

If you’re interested in joining Masterclass but have questions floating around your mind, that’s okay. (And quite normal!)If you want to speak to a member of our team about Masterclass simply call us on 01302 897131 during office hours. We’ll openly answer any questions you might have, and recommend a course of action based on your current situation.

Whatever you do… make a decision about your future.

Serviced Accommodation can provide a HUGE cashflow opportunity, but only if you take action. Take the first step on your journey, and join Masterclass today.