Important Announcement

For the past two years we've been training people to invest in property using serviced accommodation. But there's a bit more to it than that...

The thing we want most of all for all our students is true financial freedom. Freedom to pursue your dreams without following someone else’s script.

Our own journey to financial freedom began three years ago, in Peterborough. After being involved in property for ten years, Paul and Aniko got the property investing training they needed with Progressive Property. Six short months later they had hit their financial freedom figure.

Since then Touchstone has partnered closely with Progressive Property. Two years ago we ran our first Serviced Accommodation Masterclass, in Peterborough. We're pleased to regard Rob Moore and Mark Homer as friends, who like us work tirelessly to transform property investment education in the UK.

But, we want to deliver more. We have exciting plans for 2017 and 2018 to move beyond property. To facilitate and enable a lifestyle change that goes beyond making money. You’ll see the start of this later this year, when we launch our new ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ course.

Fundamentally, Touchstone Education is about inspiration and knowledge. It’s about having the freedom to follow your own agenda, not anyone else’s.

This is a new stage in our journey and it is with that in mind, that we need to announce that we will be splitting from Progressive Property.

So what are the implications?

Aniko and Paul have spoken with Rob and Mark at Progressive this week. We want to reassure you that whether you found us through Touchstone or Progressive Property, all currently scheduled training dates will run as planned.

All our courses are designed to be enabling, not just inspiring. We want you take action, not just take notes. That level of commitment will continue long into the future.

For Touchstone, this is a new beginning rather than an end. We're excited about the future, as I hope you are too.

If we can answer any questions about this announcement please email