Touchstone Millionaire Maker Home Page

so what is millionaire maker, and why are we doing it?

The Touchstone Millionaire maker is a brand new competition, 2018/19 is the first year of running and you are in for a treat!
The competition will consist of 2 teams of judges, Gordon Dutfield teaming up with Aniko Smith, and Abi Hookway joining forces with Paul Smith. 

The two judges teams held auditions for the competition on Thursday 1st of November, where applicants were asked to present a 10 minute presentation on their business proposal, and answer a 5 minute speed round of questions, deep diving into their business plan. 

In order to enter, applicants must already be taking part in our high level mentoring programme: Platinum Property Mastermind. 
Successful applicants have embarked on a journey, building their business, meeting invaluable contacts and ultimately seeking to acquire £1,000,000 in wealth. 

In order for their journey to be a success, the two judges panels will each be taking the contenders under their wing, and providing one to one and group mentoring sessions to help their mentees hit the ultimate goal. 

The competition will enter it's final stages in a judges house, where mentees will be invited to complete their final mentoring sessions and push their businesses to the next level.

all star judging panel teams:

These TWO teams of judges have carefully selected their chosen candidates for the Millionaire Maker Compeititon. They will personally take candidates under their wing, providing personal mentorship to conquer the challenge of breaking the seven figure barrier.

First up we have our no nonsense rent 2 rent expert, and the numbers and operations expert that made touchstone a reality

gordon dutfield

Gordie Dutfield

aniko smith

Gordie and Aniko are your perfect blend between speed and planning. Gordie loves to take an idea and throw it into action at Mac three speed, and Aniko is there to carefully execute the planning to the finest of details, with a background in accountancy - Aniko know's a thing or two about numbers. 

Gordie first crossed paths with Touchstone when he attended the SA Masterclass back in 2016 with Paul, 3 weeks after attending the masterclass he had already acquired two rent to rent serviced accommodation units, eventually amassing a total of 37 units in a two year time span, he doesn't mess around. 

Aniko and Paul Smith have personally completed millions of pounds worth of property deals, and as a result own a lettings and serviced accommodation management agency, an estate agency, and a property education training company... You guessed it, that's Touchstone.
Paul often refers to Aniko as the brains behind the operation, as she makes sure that each new venture is executed safely, and with absolute precision, allowing Paul to practice his passion - Wealth education training, and helping as many people achieve financial freedom as humanly possible. 

on the opposing judges team, we have Touchstone's own managing director joining forces with our chief property trainer.

Abi Hookway

Paul Smith

Abi is a master of organisation, having climbed her way up the corporate ladder in various management roles, until arriving with us at Touchstone Education, and successfully managing three companies simultaneously, she will make sure you have all bases covered throughout your property journey.
Despite the time constraints of a more than full time job as managing director of the Paragon group, Abi has managed to start her own successful Rent to Rent business, and is now proceeding in to the world of commercial conversions with her business partner, Gordie. 

Our Commander and Chief ( trainer ) Paul lives and breathes all things property, has written 2 amazon best seller books, holds a Guinness World Record for talking ABOUT property on stage, has a reputation for being the number one Serviced Accommodation trainer in the U.K. and is the co-founder of Touchstone Education, along with his lovely wife Aniko Smith.
As if that weren't enough property accolades, Paul and Aniko actually LIVE in one of their commercial conversions. Now if that's not a passion for property, we don't know what is!