Build a property portfolio using none of your own money and help others to increase their capital
KICKSTART Your Property journey With The No Money Down Course!
what you will learn:
  •   How To Find Property Deals
  •   How To Fund Property Deals  
  •   What Are The Best Exit Strategies 
  •  How To Analyse Deals And Find A Strategy That Suits You
  •  How To Package Your Deal To Potential Buyers and Investors
  •  How To Build A Power Team
  •  How To Scale Your Business, Effectively
  •  How To Structure A JV And Safely Create Loan Agreements
people believe that they can't get into property because they just don't have the funds to buy houses... Let us show you how! 
  •   Online Video Course With Over 5 Hours Worth Of Content
  •  Deal Analyser - Buy 2 let   
  •  Deal Analyser - Flipping 
  •  Deal Analyser - HMO 
  •  Deal Analyser - Lease option 
  •  Head of Terms for working with JV partners 
  •  Lease template 
  •  Loan Template
£997 +vAT
Hear what others have to say 
"I would definitely recommend Touchstone - also, the fact they are CPD is a definite bonus for me!!!"
Debra Lewis
"Paul and Aniko, I think it's quite possible that between the two of you there's nothing you don't know. Thank you for sharing your tremendous knowledge and insight"
Anita Louise Combe
"This works guys, you just need to put your knowledge into action and grab these opportunities."
Michelle Gamble
"A big thank you Paul and Aniko. Without your training I wouldn't have had the knowledge or inspiration to set up a property business."
Jack Lindsay Stiff
"I feel much more confident we have a future in property. Thank you Paul, you were wonderful and we were impressed!"
John Sparks
"I've been involved in property for 15 years and can honestly say what I've learned from Paul has led to me making a cash flow of £10-15k a month from property."
Dave Hartnett
Meet Paul and Aniko Smith...
Just a few years ago, Paul’s wife (Aniko) made a £300 bet with him that he couldn’t make serviced accommodation work… they now have a SA business that turns over £2.2M, and are known for being the UK’s leading experts in that field – Paul’s ‘Serviced Accommodation Success Manual’ is an Amazon best seller.

Having been in property for over 30 years, Paul has numerous property businesses with well over 100 properties – with offices in Helensburgh and Doncaster. His businesses span across Property Investment (commercial and residential), Portfolio Building (BTLs), HMOs, Letting Agencies, and of course Serviced Accommodation.

Paul has received numerous awards for public speaking and has spoken at live events to tens of thousands of delegates. He’s a devoted husband, father, and a grandfather. His main passion is inspiring people to rediscover (and live) their dreams through creating financial freedom with property.
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