Our Courses

Deal Packaging Essentials

This course is for people that may well have money but want to get good at finding deals. Nobody is going to buy every property investment opportunity that they find because either the geography or the type of property might not be right for them and their strategy. 

Property Investing Fundamentals

Learn the ins and outs of effective refurbishment: what will add value to your investment property and what is just waste. If you want to invest in property but you do not know where to start the answer is simple: HERE with this course.

Joint Venture

Joint Venture Finance is for everybody that wishes to successfully invest in property using none of their own money. Either you got some funds but don't wish to use them or you literally got no funds at this moment in time.

Lease Option Income

Do you want to speed up your Buy to let investing but don’t have the funds required for numerous deposits? Discover how to simply and quickly build your portfolio without using deposits and mortgages with our Lease Option Income course. 

Your First Auction Deal

This course can help you to build sufficient confidence to attend auctions having analysed potential deals from the catalogue with a view to bidding on one or more properties.

Mindset Mastery

Mindset Mastery is for investors at all levels, whether you are at the beginning of your property journey and want to take the first steps or you are already investing but need the right mindset to move to the next level and scale up the business.

Limited Company Essentials

Limited Company Essentials course is made for anybody that wishes to have a property investment business that includes multiple properties.

SA Bootcamp

Serviced Accommodation Bootcamp is designed to deliver your first extra £1,000 per month without making the rookie mistakes most people do without education.

Rent to Rent Strategy

Learn exactly how to use another landlords property to make profit on your rent every month. Learn how to get involved in Serviced Accommodation or operate your first HMO without owning ANY property.