Over in the States this week, millions of our American cousins travelled across the country and around the world to share the day together with family. A day of showing thanks and appreciation for one another.

And it got me thinking about the people — and things — I’m thankful for.

This week, myself and my team moved into our brand-new HQ and training centre in Doncaster.

(I’ve added some images from our first lot of events, below)

When myself and Aniko started Touchstone we made up 100% of the staff. Today, we have 40 (and counting) people on the team.

It was our vision and drive that helped us grow the company in those early days, but it’s been a true collective effort to get us to where we are today.

I’m thankful for the life I enjoy today; the freedom Aniko and I have to decide how we spend our free time; the pleasure I get from being there to see my family grow up and prosper in their own right; and, of course, our wonderful new office.

Thankfulness goes hand in hand with humility — being humble. Of the many people I’ve worked with throughout my my life, one of the most interesting and humbling I’ve met is Frank Bruno.

He’s a multiple heavyweight world champion, a national treasure and an MBE. Frank’s the last person you’d expect to be humble. But he is.

I remember one time when we were together, I asked him what he’s most thankful for. His answer?

Waking up in the morning and seeing himself in the mirror.

Not because he loves to look at himself, but because he’s thankful for being alive.

That stopped me in my tracks. A man of his standing and achievement, to simply be thankful for being alive.

We all have our moments; our gripes and moans. That’s human nature but Frank’s words put everything into perspective for me. I believe when you’re thankful for the gift of life, your problems don’t seem as significant, and that allows you to focus on what’s important — achieving your goals and ambitions.

Are you practising thankfulness on a weekly, or daily basis? And if so, what are you thankful for?

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