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Founded by Paul and Aniko Smith,Touchstone Education exists to inspire regular people to financial freedom through knowledge. All of our training courses, from an online webinar to a six month Masterclass, have two unusual aspects.

1. practical Knowledge

First, we don't just dump information on you... we give you the knowledge you need to take action. All our courses are designed to be immediately enabling, so your can make changes immediately.

Sound property investments CAN provide a reliable route to financial freedom, but having the information you need isn’t enough.

You also need support. You need people to look out for you… people who can show you the holes in the road.

When you attend a Touchstone course, you'll always leave with the knowledge to take immediate action, and the support to keep you on track.

2. inspiration…

We all need inspiration. But why?

Inspiration is to inspire; to breathe in; to show that something is possible. To support you in doing something you wouldn’t otherwise do. People talk a lot about motivation, but motivation is an external force to get somebody to do something they don’t want to do.

When you attend a Touchstone course, you'll always come away inspired. Things that were 'impossible' will suddenly be achievable.

3. Group Accountability

If you want to achieve true financial freedom, you’ll need help along the way. As well as people cheering you on, you’ll need people holding you accountable. You’ll need a group of people who will challenge your mindset, and encourage you to grow as a person.

We often quote Dr John Dimartini, who says “the skillset without the mindset will just leave you upset”.

If you spent two days and thousands of pounds on a serviced accommodation course and then didn’t do anything, you’d be upset. What you get at Touchstone is an environment where you’re supported every step of the way. We'll help celebrate your successes. And we'll push you when you need it. It’s equally important to be pushed when you don’t want to do something, as it is to be patted on the back when something has gone right.

Are you ready to embrace challenge and success?

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Paul Smith is the lead trainer at Touchstone Education


In the lead up to the event I convinced myself I would not purchase a course irrespective of how compelling the presentations. That notion crashed and burned in spectacular fashion due to Paul's presentation, his humble, humorous and down to earth persona was compelling and spending time with both Aniko and Paul following the networking and to hear them express their passion for educating others to succeed in their own property endeavours warmed the heart.

Feeling inspired after a few hours what will two days bring?!!

Paul and Aniko rare individuals both.

Damon Giddings