Property Finance Leverage

Property finance Leverage online course: Discover The Secrets of Property Finance and Deal Making!

Almost everyone in the UK wants to own property. The desire is in the fabric of our language… “Safe as Houses”, for example.So why, if almost everybody wants to invest in Property to Create Wealth does virtually nobody do it?The statistics I have researched show around 2.1 million landlords in the UK. This is around 3.5% of the population. So more than 9 ½ people out of ten DO NOT do this.My question is, why?I hear many “reasons”? Here are some common ones:

Do You EVER Think:

  • check“I don’t have enough money.” Solution: You don’t need any. There are many strategies to use either institutional or other people’s money.
  • check“I am too busy.” Solution: Really? If it is important you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse.
  • check“Property in my area is too expensive/cheap/won’t work here.” Solution: I hear this from people in every area. The grass always seems greener elsewhere, but few people will know your local area as well as you do.
  • check“I don’t know how.” Solution: “If you don’t know then ask!”
  • check“All this “anti-landlord” legislation has destroyed the profits.” Solution: not if you know the correct finance structure for your chosen strategy…
  • check“Tenants cause huge problems.” Solution: Less so if you manage them well, and not at all if you don’t have any. How about Guests or FRI leases?
  • check“I know I need help and support.” Solution: Then you are the exact person we want to work with.
  • check“I inherited a property (“accidental landlord”) and it’s a nightmare!” Solution: Then let us help you

Whatever the reasons you have not yet, or perhaps you are stuck at 2 or 3 properties I want to help you change that.I want to share with you more than three decades of property, finance and business experience in an easy, online course format where you can move at your own pace. I will show you the correct:

  • checkBusiness Structure for your Chosen Property Strategy… Limited Company, LLP or Pension
  • checkHow to simply and quickly raise finance, institutional, commercial, BTL or private
  • checkRules for successful and stress-free joint ventures
  • checkPillars of Wealth and how to build them over time
  • checkOpportunities to Work with Touchstone and Create Wealth for You and Your Loved Ones

This is a full day’s worth of educational content, neatly bundled for you in to an online course where you can work as quickly or as gradually as you like, and better yet… you will always have this content to refer back to.