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Serviced Accommodation Insider Secrets

Hear the inside story of a Touchstone student generating £100,000+ per month from Serviced Accommodation, within 12 months...

12th October

8 - 9.30PM UK BST

Exclusive Online Presentation

What You'll Discover
On this Live Webinar:

  1. The secret to running a profitable Serviced Accommodation experiment (don't do what Toyin did!)
  2. The day to day reality of running a £100k+ a month Serviced Accommodation business
  3. How to enjoy the money, as well as earn it (essential SYSTEMS you need to know about up front)
  4. What kind of support you need to run a business like this, and where to source that help
  5. How to get started in Serviced Accommodation, when your spouse (and everyone around you) thinks you're mad

Thursday 12th October
8PM - 9.30PM UK BST

N.B. This is a live presentation only, there will be no recording.


Paul Smith
Paul Smith
Toyin Ayandare
Toyin Ayandare