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Please select a start date in either Group A or Group B. Your six subsequent course dates will all be calculated based on your group selection. (I.e. if you select Group A, you’ll stay in Group A with the same mentor).

2018 SA Masterclass Dates:

9th January (Group A)10th January (Group B)

6th February (Group A)7th February (Group B)

13th March (Group A)14th March (Group B)

10th April (Group A)11th April (Group B)

8th May (Group A)9th May (Group B)

12th June (Group A)13th June (Group B)

14th August (Group A)15th August (Group B)

11th September (Group A)12th September (Group B)

9th October (Group A)10th October (Group B)

13th November (Group A)14th November (Group B)

11th December (Group A)12th December (Group B)

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