Do you ever offer discounts? Selectively applying discounts to your property prices can maximise your revenue… BUT there’s a problem:

You have to take yourself out of the equation.

Take me for example. As soon as somebody mentions the word ‘discount’, my inner Yorkshireman pops up in my head…

Discounts? DISCOUNTS?” he demands, red-faced. “Somebody mentioned discounts. Pah!”

To make sure my inner Yorkshireman doesn’t sabotage our income, we use Kigo’s revenue manager. Kigo dynamically adjusts the price of our properties based on more data points than I’ll ever have the inclination to monitor.

If you’re serious about Serviced Accommodation, a channel manager is a must-have tool. We recommend Kigo for most of our students, because:

  • Kigo is the only channel manager that integrates two way with 37 channels, including AirBnB and So if you take a direct booking, those dates immediately become unavailable on ALL booking engines.
  • It manages all your guest communications, so you don’t have to worry about email marketing
  • And finally, it’s the only one with a functional revenue manager

If you want to learn more about Kigo, get yourself booked onto one of our upcoming Serviced Accommodation Masterclass events. New dates have just been announced, which you can see here:

On the subject of discounts…

It’s my birthday today. I’m 52. I wasn’t planning to make a big deal of it, but somebody in marketing suggested we should do a ‘birthday discount’ on my book.

(Cue an appearance from my angry inner Yorkshireman!)

Anyhow, after a bit of arm-twisting I’ve agreed to a ‘birthday sale’. Until midnight next Thursday (10th August), you can grab a copy of my book The Serviced Accommodation Success Manual for £9.97, instead of £18.97.

Order your copy here, using the promo code ’53’ at checkout.