A common piece of feedback we hear about our events is that “Glasgow is too far away”. Which may or may not be true, depending on how close you live to an airport!

So, I’m pleased to announce that our serviced accommodation discovery events are hitting the road next month. If you’re interested in dramatically increasing your property income, we’re running events in Bristol, Essex, Peterborough, Birmingham, Manchester.

And yes, in Glasgow too…

To celebrate this, I’ve arranged for each of our course trainers to put on a one-hour training webinar with me. Sort of a ‘try before you buy’, if you like.

Here’s what we have coming up:

Monday 14th August, 8-9PM
Topic: Increase guest satisfaction (and revenue) using your Facebook page
Guest speaker: Dave Deane

If you're considering serviced accommodation as a property strategy, you need to know how to serve your guests, as well as generate bookings.

Dave Deane installs wireless routers at his properties that encourage guests to check in at his Facebook page. In this webinar, Dave will share his experience of engaging guests using Facebook.

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Thursday 17th August, 8PM
Topic: How to attract and serve contractors
Guest speakers: Ian McBain (Sr) & Ian McBain (Jr)

When many people look at serviced accommodation for the first time, it's easy to assume you'll be serving tourists. But quite frankly, this isn't where the real money is made.

In this webinar, Ian McBain (Sr) and Ian McBain (Jr) will reveal how they run a highly profitable serviced accommodation business serving contractors. If you like the idea of long-term bookings paid months in advance, you need to be on this webinar.

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Sunday 20th August, 8PM
Topic: How to use capital allowances to minimise tax
Guest speaker: Richard Maguire

If we told you there was a legal way to minimise tax from your property income, would you be interested? In serviced accommodation, that's what capital allowances allow you to do...

Capital allowances are sums of money that can be earned TAX FREE by a Limited Company, a Limited Liability Partnership or even a private individual (i.e. You!). Serviced Accommodation allows you to claim capital allowances.

If you're thinking about getting involved in SA, you need to know about capital allowances in advance. In this webinar, Richard Maguire will explain what you need to know.

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Monday 28th August, 8PM
Topic: How to reliably 5-10X your buy to let profit
Guest speaker: Kevin Poneskis

When we talk about 'serviced accommodation', it's easy to think of serviced apartments. What SA expert Kevin Poneskis can tell you is that whole houses work just as well.

In this webinar, Kevin explains how he turned two houses which generated £475 and £525 a month as buy to lets, into £3,500 a month profit as serviced accommodation... for each house.

Listen in as Kevin shares first hand experience of converting buy to let houses into serviced accommodation, and how to find SA opportunities in your area.

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We’re calling these webinars ‘Serviced Accommodation Insight’ webinars. Because that’s what you’ll get – practical real world insights from successful practitioners.

I hope you'll join me on the calls. There will be recordings if you're registered ahead of time.