Six Figure Summit

SIX figure summit

Spot wealth creation opportunities that other miss and earn a consistent six figures per year, on your own terms.

join us for free on 9th & 10th june  along with frank bruno…

…for a full weekend of property investment, wealth creation and mindset training!

It’s no secret that 8 out of 10 UK mortgages have been “sold on” by high-street banks and building societies. It’s the very same process that was squarely blamed for the financial crash in 2008.

It’s called Mortgage Securitisation, and it’s believed that many lenders aren’t doing the paperwork correctly.

What does this mean to you?

Well, if you own a residential or buy to let property, then you MIGHT be entitled to write off your existing mortgage.

Yes, you read that right…

You could potentially be mortgage free. There are legal costs involved but these would not be more than 24% of the benefit you receive, on a No Win – No Fee basis.*

We’re currently in the process of doing this for the mortgage on our home, and many of our clients are doing the same too.

If you want to know how to go about doing this (safely and securely) from someone with an inside track on how this works, then simply come along to our FREE property and wealth creation event in Doncaster on 9th-10th June.

We’ll be teaching this process step by step… along with the most profitable property business and wealth creation strategies and tactics for 2018.

*If legal work has started on your case then cancellation fees may apply.

need evidence that it works?

Nick attended our last Six Figure Summit…here’s what he had to say…

“First review is in on our first serviced accommodation

property…I expect a gold star Gordie and Abi when

we next meet! Thanks guys!!!”

meet the trainers

They’ve ‘walked the walk’, and now they are more than happy to share what they’ve learned and ‘talk the talk’!

During this FREE 2-day ‘Six-Figure Summit’ weekend you’ll gain a crucial insight into how to become a successful property investor or online entrepreneur. You’ll earn the tips and techniques first hand that our uniquely assembled team use in their own property and wealth creation businesses, plus you’ll have the opportunity to pick their brains so you can decide what strategy best suits your situation.

Paul Smith BSc, MBA

Paul is the UK’s number one authority on Serviced Accommodation, is a #1 best-selling author on Amazon and a serial commercial property investor. He will be discussing: How to go from zero to £1k+ per month with short-term lets. How to legally keep more of the money you earn and how to create multiple income streams.

Dave Dean and Sharon Ring

Dave & Sharon will explain how they run a lucrative business online, through a virtual store for which they hold no stock or inventory, by utilising Amazon’s own machinery to meet that need of customers. They will be discussing: How to leverage Amazon’s systems to make you a millionaire.

Abi Hookway and Gordon Dutfield

Two inspirational people that have recently made the successful transition into property investing. They now have 50+ properties under their control, which earn them thousands of pounds per month from property they don’t own! They will be discussing: How to Build a property business… without owning property

Plus, experts in your corner…

Most everyone has the desire to succeed. What holds people back is a combination of a lack of knowledge, a lack of belief and fear.

With our mentoring assistance you WILL achieve your property goals whatever they may be. Led by renowned property and investment entrepreneur Paul Smith, our eight hand-picked, fully endorsed mentors cover every aspect of property investment, and crucially everything they teach they successfully do themselves. They truly do ‘walk the walk’! You can choose to work with just one mentor or – as the need arises and your strategy changes – you can work with as many as you choose. You choose the expert to suit your needs.

and not forgetting frank bruno…

Frank Bruno MBE will be answering questions about his boxing career,

mental health, motivation, commitment and discipline. All of which apply to

most everyone in life!

what will you learn

Spend just two days of your life with us to change your future. Unless your current property and investment

portfolio is already working perfectly well for you and you’re sitting on enough wealth to see you comfortable for

the rest of your life (and if you choose, your children’s and grand-children’s lives too), it’s time to do something

different. And this is where it starts!

At this FREE weekend you’ll find out how to:

Choose the right investment

strategy for your needs and

set up

Recognise the opportunities

in serviced accommodation

and rent to rent, and how to

take them

Assess whether you have

enough ‘pillars’ in place for

intergenerational wealth

Realise the potential of

buying and selling online –

without stock!

Leverage multi-millionaires’

techniques – at almost any

level of investment

Understand the difference

company structures can make

to the bottom line

And there’s more…

As if that isn’t enough, over the weekend you’ll receive:

  • A chance to network with our experts;
  • The opportunity to win valuable prizes throughout the weekend, and
  • A property ‘quick start’ bonus bag on Sunday afternoon
  • Our VIP delegates will also have the opportunity to network with Frank Bruno as well as have a photo taken and/or purchase a signed book.

reserve your spot!

Lock in your spot at this year’s most valuable wealth creation training

opportunity. Tickets are limited to ensure an ideal learning environment.

what our attendees think

The SFS is brilliant, we’re going to a lot of touchstone courses, and we love to network with the trainers and the other delegates. You don’t know the bits you may learn in atmospheres like this. We are attending the Rent to Rent accelerator course, and the SA Masterclass. To others, I would say that things like this are as good as the action that you are willing to take, if you are a serious action taker, then this is for you.

Scott Wilson

The weekend was 10/10, couldn’t be better. The main thing for me is spending time with likeminded people, those who have been there and done that. That is where I want to be, it is a great networking opportunity. For others thinking of attending, I would 100% recommend it.

Angus Young

The weekend was fantastic, mainly for me, it’s about cementing what I already know about rent to rent, as we are going on the rent to rent accelerator course next month.

For others looking to attend the course, it is a fantastic way to make money, and create more time for yourself.

Sonny Duhre

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