Six Figure Breakthrough Summit

Touchstone Education Proudly Presents…

Touchstone Education Proudly Presents…



(With Frank Bruno MBE – SPECIAL Guest Speaker) 

(With Frank Bruno MBE – SPECIAL Guest Speaker) 

  Free Event Showcasing The Latest Property & Wealth Creation Strategies For 2018 For Real People 

Free Event Showcasing The Latest Property & Wealth Creation Strategies For 2018 For Real People 

Job security may be a thing of the past…

…but the opportunity to build wealth on your terms has never been greater!

And during the Six Figure Summit, we’ll be showcasing the latest property and wealth creation strategies that are working BEST for our students in 2018.

During this action packed weekend, we’ll help you find the strategies that are best suited to YOU… while also rubbing shoulders with a network of like-minded 6/7 figure entrepreneurs.

For anyone wanting proven strategies to build a bigger life, this event is not to be missed!

Come and join our team of mentors and trainers at our education centre in Doncaster and discover the alternative to Bitcoin. 

Learn how to reach your goals and change your lifestyle… without gambling on risky investment strategies.

IMPORTANT: This event is taking place on June 9th and 10th. Registration will be at 9.30am with a 6pm Finish on both days.

Introducing Our Expert Speakers Covering A Range of Strategies…

They’ve ‘walked the walk’, and now they are more than happy to share what they’ve learned and ‘talk the talk’! During this FREE 2-day ‘Six-Figure Summit’ weekend  you’ll gain a crucial insight into how to become a successful property investor or online entrepreneur.

You’ll earn the tips and techniques first hand that our uniquely assembled team use in their own property and wealth creation businesses, plus you’ll have the opportunity to pick their brains so you can decide what strategy best suits your situation.

Join us on 9th – 10th June to Discover


How To Build A Serviced Accommodation Business From Scratch 

If there’s one investment strategy you can follow in the UK today that is a nailed on, guarantee to genuine wealth creation it’s property.

And with the impact of Section 24 making buy-to-let an increasing difficult an increasingly difficult and potentially less profitable investment, those in the know are turning to serviced accommodation.

Serviced Accommodation (SA) is the hottest, potentially most profitable property strategy around that is easy to master with the right tools.

Our lead trainer for SA is Paul Smith. As well as being the founder of Touchstone Education, Paul is the UK’s number one authority on Serviced Accommodation, is a #1 best-selling author on Amazon and a serial commercial property investor.

Paul will be discussing the ins and outs of SA, and previewing our unique online course BOOTCAMP, which is designed to take you rapidly from nothing to your first Serviced Accommodation unit in just 8 weeks! BOOTCAMP will help you understand the opportunity this property strategy offers and help you avoid the costly mistakes that so many people that don’t receive the right training frequently make. We’ve already made the mistakes (and learned from them) so you don’t have to!

Not sure if SA is for you?

If you can answer yes to any three of these then Serviced Accommodation is for you:

  Want to get into property investment but don’t know where to start?

  Heard about the cashflow opportunities in Serviced Accommodation but scared to take the plunge?

  Want to make changes in your life, but can’t see how?

  Already completed a property investment course but it didn’t help you progress?

  Seeking a clear and proven roadmap to follow to success?

Discover how financial freedom through serviced accommodation is within reach of anyone with the right motivation and the right knowledge.


How to Get The Right Property Mentors In Your Corner

Most everyone has the desire to succeed. What holds people back is a combination of a lack of knowledge, a lack of belief and fear.

With our mentoring assistance you WILL achieve your property goals whatever they may be.

Experts in your corner

Led by renowned property and investment entrepreneur Paul Smith, between them our eight hand-picked, fully endorsed mentors cover every aspect of property investment, and crucially everything they teach they successfully do themselves. They truly do ‘walk the walk’! You can choose to work with just one mentor or – as the need arises and your strategy changes – you can work with as many as you choose. You choose the expert to suit your needs.


How to Build a property business… without owning property​​​​

With many buy-to-let and accidental landlords already or soon to be, reeling from the huge impact of ‘Section 24’ on their lettings businesses, Rent 2 Rent is an opportunity to offer landlords guaranteed monthly income and less hassle, whilst you control the property and apply your chosen no-money down strategy to create a profitable income stream for yourself. A true ‘win-win’ situation!

Rent 2 Rent Accelerator is an intensive 1-day course that will provide you with:

  • The knowledge to start a profitable Rent 2 Rent (R2R) business
  • An understanding of Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) R2R
  • An understanding of Serviced Accommodation (SA) R2R
  • Action points to find and reach out to landlords
  • The critical processes & systems you need
  • The knowledge, tools and motivation to get started immediately!

Trainers that ‘walk the walk’

The R2R course is run by Abi Hookway and Gordon Dutfield, two inspirational people that have themselves gone through the Touchstone courses and made the successful transition into property. Combined they now have 50+ properties under their control, earning them thousands of pounds per month from property they don’t own! 

Two properties in the next year – guaranteed!

This is your opportunity to be a property investor, without purchasing any property. It’s the chance to create real wealth and true financial freedom. By following the proven steps the course teaches we guarantee attendees will add a minimum of two properties to their portfolio in the next year!


​​​​How To Grow An Online Amazon Business And Live The “Laptop Lifestyle” 

Finally, something unrelated to property, but a strategy that certainly creates wealth! Dave & Sharon will explain how they run a lucrative business online, through a virtual store for which they hold no stock or inventory, by utilising Amazon’s own machinery to meet that need of customers.

Dave: “Amazon needs hundreds of thousands of third party sellers to help them meet their goals, and in return they support you with great customer service, a backend dashboard to run the business on with full reports, they’ll stock and store products, refund for damages, and even do part of your marketing.”

They can teach you how to:

  • Understand the criteria for product selection
  • Find out how to approach manufacturer’s in a professional manner to provide confidence
  • Be in a market where people are already buying but not competing with very stablished markets
  • Understand the pinch points for size, weight and cost of products

Sharon: “People trust Amazon. We leverage Amazon’s systems and distribution to send products out to customers: they’ll follow-up; they’ll send it; they’ll do all the emailing; and then send us the difference every couple of weeks.”

Online sales are only increasing. A laptop lifestyle – enabled and supported by Amazon – is within your grasp!


How to Legally Keep More of the Money You Earn

Whatever your preferred property strategy, whether it’s Serviced Accommodation, Rent 2 Rent, Commercial conversions, flipping, HMOs or any other strategy you need to ensure your business (or businesses) is set up in a way that is suitable for the strategy you’re following and provides the best opportunity to maximise your returns.

Making the Business Work hard for you

Running a business can be hard, so it’s critical to be aware of the different business entities that exist. You don’t want to work hard and only at the year end realise you’ve set up the wrong business structure and your tax bill is crippling! Nor do you want an error by a staff member to jeopardise the entire business!

How much tax you pay and the amount of paperwork and filing required depends on the structure of your business. If you’re able, maximise the flexibility of the ownership structure by considering the unique needs of the business and the owners

Paul will help you understand the best structures for your business(es), how to fund your investments, where the tax breaks are and what your exit strategy might be.

Paul’s been operating in the property market for more than 20 years. In that time he’s been (or still is) a landlord, a managing agent, an investor, a leaseholder, a joint venture partner, a tenant and just about every other conceivable title you can think of in the property sector!

He’s now very successful at what he does, but that didn’t happen overnight. During that time he’s learned where the pitfalls lie and equally where the hidden opportunities can easily be missed or maximised, including:

  • SIPP and SSAS – Making your pension funds work harder for you, for inter-generational wealth;
  • The OpCo/PropCo relationship – How a limited company and LLP set up can help you maximise returns and retain profits far more easily;
  • Raising Finance and Joint Venturing – What’s the right strategy for your property purchases?
  • Capital Allowances – Often overlooked and undervalued by commercial property owners and SA operators. How a little knowledge can save you thousands in taxes, even years later!


How to Create Multiple Income Streams

Ever wonder why so many Greek and Roman temples still stand after thousands of years whilst many other buildings have collapsed around them? It’s because they have strong and stable pillars to support them.

Building your ‘temple of wealth’ requires exactly the same process. It is a surprisingly simple process that will give you the tools and opportunity to build true, intergenerational wealth, by putting in place multiple pillars that work together to support your chosen wealth strategy. 

Most people only have one of these pillars in place, usually a pension, but can a pension alone provide the stability and returns most people want or need in later years… or provide security for your children and beyond in an ever-changing financial world? Sadly no, this requires a different strategy.

You Need a Team to Build a Temple

Temple of Wealth is a Membership website and Facebook group specifically for people who want to work with Touchstone founder & entrepreneur Paul Smith and his team to build sustainable long term wealth.

Take Action

Temple of Wealth is about taking action, and each month it follows a key theme. Each week a set regime enables you to take action, progress and receive feedback.

In total you get two hours of live support each week, and once a month we have a live interview with an expert practitioner. NIne hours of live content each month, all recorded in case you miss it.

And, supporting your Temple…is you!

Temple of Wealth will provide you with the tools – the skillset – to build your own temple of wealth. But YOU have to put in place the right foundation for it to truly work. And that foundation is your own mindset. YOU have to want to make the change; YOU have to want to build your own temple of wealth because YOU are responsible for your own financial freedom.

PLUS… Former Heavyweight World Champion Frank Bruno MBE Joins Us!

Frank Bruno MBE will be answering questions about his boxing career, mental health, motivation, commitment and discipline. All of which apply to most everyone in life!

Our VIP delegates will also have the opportunity to network with Frank as well as have a photo taken and/or purchase a signed book.

Climb Into The Driver’s Seat…

Spend just two days of your life with us to change your future. Unless your current property and investment portfolio is already working perfectly well for you and you’re sitting on enough wealth to see you comfortable for the rest of your life (and if you choose, your children’s and grand-children’s lives too), it’s time to do something different. And this is where it starts!

At this FREE weekend you’ll find out how to: 

  • Choose the right investment strategy for your needs and set up
  • Recognise the opportunities in serviced accommodation and rent to rent, and how to take them
  • Assess whether you have enough ‘pillars’ in place for intergenerational wealth​
  • Realise the potential of buying and selling online – without stock!
  • Leverage multi-millionaires’ techniques – at almost any level of investment
  • Understand the difference company structures can make to the bottom line
  • Make money while you sleep

Book your spot now at this exclusive event, it’s totally FREE!*

*No that’s not a typo, there’s no cost to attend this event. We’re so sure that you’ll recognise the enormous opportunities on offer that the astute amongst you will consider carrying on your property journey by choosing a next level – paid for – course for the specific route that interests you. We know you’ll have some more questions – so here are the answer to a few.

“Will these courses be available to book during/after the event?” Yes, but only if you want to go DEEP into the nuts and bolts of a particular strategy“

And I suppose there will be discounts for those booking there and then?” Yes of course, it saves us having to sell those spaces afterwards which incurs a cost, so you benefit from that saving.

“No doubt I’ll be given the hard sell before I can leave?” Absolutely not, this isn’t an 80s timeshare scheme! There’s no benefit to us in people coming to our course that don’t really want to be there. We only want people that want to become successful in property. Come along for the networking, and to discover new possibilities.

And There’s More!

As if that isn’t enough, over the weekend you’ll receive: 

  • An additional networking session;
  • The opportunity to win valuable prizes throughout the weekend
  • A property ‘quick start’ bonus bag on Sunday afternoon

What Do Our Attendees Think?

Angus Young


Q: “Is this a get rich quick seminar”A: This is a “get rich” seminar, but you need to apply what you learn. But the best way we know to long-term and substantial financial success in any strategy – including property – is to educate yourself and then apply that knowledge you’ve gained.

Q: “The course is free. Will there be sales hype?”A: The purpose of the Six Figure Summit is to open your eyes to the opportunities all around you. You’ll receive a high level overview of each strategy. You will of course be offered the opportunity of enrolling onto an advanced course, but there’s absolutely no pressure to do so. It’s your decision whether you choose to or not, we’re simply helping you make an informed decision.

Q: “How would you describe your presenters?”A: Our presenters are not professional speakers, but rather regular people who have found a rich vein of success in the strategy they teach. Our trainers are friendly and approachable. We also ONLY work with trainers who are doing what they teach, and can share real world examples and case studies.

Q: “Can I attend for just one day rather than two?”A: You can but you’ll not then receive the full training on offer.

Q: “My partner thinks I’ll be cajoled into signing up for something I shouldn’t!”A: We don’t cajole anyone. Bring your partner along too. And did we mention it’s free?

Q: I think it’s too far awayA: Doncaster is 90 minutes from London by train, and just off the A1 and M1.

Q: Is there accommodationA: Our events team can recommend places to stay in Doncaster. There is free parking at the venue.

Six Figure Summit Is For Action Takers

Only attend if you are serious about changing your life. Click the “Book Today” button below now to reserve your place or for more information please call the Touchstone team on 01302 897131.

Yes, I’m ready to change my future!