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Announcing… The Six Figure Breakthrough Summit……Discover the Most Effective Wealth Generation Strategies for 2018

We talk about property being as ‘safe as houses’, and with the right education that’s as true today as ever. At our Six Figure Breakthrough Summit, we’ll not only show you the property strategies that work, we’ll also go BEYOND property…

…and show you the most RELIABLE wealth generation strategies that work in 2018!

Come and join our team of mentors and trainers at our education centre in Doncaster and discover the alternative to Bitcoin. Learn how to reach your goals and change your lifestyle… without gambling.21st and 22nd of April.9.30AM Registration – 6PM Finish. Both Days

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They’ve ‘walked the walk’, and now they are more than happy to share what they’ve learned and ‘talk the talk’! During this FREE 2-day ‘Advanced wealth creation’ course you’ll learn the tips and techniques our unique team use in their own property and wealth creation businesses, plus you’ll have the opportunity to pick their brains so you can decide what course of action best suits your situation.

Your training team for the weekend:

The Path to Self-Build Success – Mike Cruickshank

Most everyone wishes they could live in a house that is tailored to meet their needs. Now you can find out how that wish can become reality!

Mike has built own house – twice!  And before that, was a sales director for a major timber frame manufacturer, so he’s been in self-build most of his life.

“No skills are required, just the aspiration to build your own house. The course is going to help you achieve that dream.  There’s a step-by-step guide that removes the fear factor and helps you mitigate any risks involved in self-build”.

“Find a plot, finance it and build it. It is really that simple, but of course you need the knowledge to do all these things successfully and that’s where education comes in.  Whether you choose to project manage or engage a project manager, or bring in a building contractor I’ll help you avoid those Grand Design disasters where budgets run over by tens of thousands of pounds!”

Mastering Commercial Conversions – Toyin & Tobi Ayandare

Husband and wife team Tobi and Toyin explain how the need to change their lives has helped them create and build a successful property business.

From a 7 year old selling snacks to her classmates, Toyin had a successful career as a Consultant in the City but, when their first child came along and the commute began to tell, she realised her work/life balance needed to change. 

Keen viewers of Homes under the Hammer the pair had already moved up the property ladder and retained some property for buy-to-let; flipping others. Whilst educating herself in property, Toyin had a chance encounter with Paul Smith on a train, which led to further education and eventually also moving into Serviced Accommodation.

Tobi worked as a well-paid IT consultant in banking but was eventually convinced to leave his job too, so they could both spend more time with their children and on their growing business which, again through further training slowly moved into Commercial conversions, and eventually take on staff to enable them to make life changing deals.

Their joint property education through Touchstone has enabled them to identify and profit from commercial property that is ideal for residential conversion – whether to sell, to let or to run as serviced accommodation – they do all three.

They teach what tax breaks are available for this strategy, how to benefit from capital appreciation, how to run the numbers, what planning permission is needed, what financing you should use and how huge savings on vat are possible.

Tobi: ‘If we can do it, you can do it’ ‘You lose 100% of the shots you don’t take!’ ‘

Toyin: “Being able to give time to your family is the best gift you can ever give. This quality time is immeasurable which is why Property is the answer for us”.

Online Cashflow Success: powered by AmazonDave Dean and Sharon Ring

Finally, something unrelated to property, but a strategy that certainly creates wealth! Dave & Sharon will explain how they run a lucrative business online, through a virtual store for which they hold no stock or inventory, by utilising Amazon’s own machinery to meet that need of customers.

Dave: “Amazon needs hundreds of thousands of third party sellers to help them meet their goals, and in return they support you with great customer service, a backend dashboard to run the business on with full reports, they’ll stock and store products, refund for damages, and even do part of your marketing.”

They can teach you how to:

  • Understand the criteria for product selection
  • Find out how to approach manufacturer’s in a professional manner to provide confidence
  • Be in a market where people are already buying but not competing with very stablished markets
  • Understand the pinch points for size, weight and cost of products

Sharon: “People trust Amazon. We leverage Amazon’s systems and distribution to send products out to customers: they’ll follow-up; they’ll send it; they’ll do all the emailing; and then send us the difference every couple of weeks.”

Online sales are only increasing. A laptop lifestyle – enabled and supported by Amazon – is within your grasp!

Advanced Business Strategies – Paul Smith

Touchstone founder, property entrepreneur and Amazon #1 best-selling serviced accommodation author will be discussing some advanced strategies throughout the weekend; one on property investment and another that can help you achieve your life’s ambition, whatever sphere it’s in.

Property Mentoring

Paul will be discussing the Platinum BELIEVE mentoring programme, which will help you assess, choose and succeed in, your preferred property strategy that’s right for you, be it SA, commercial conversions, flipping, HMOs or rent to rent.

The programme help you understand the best structures for your business(es), how to fund your investments, where the tax breaks are, what your exit strategy can be.

All mentors are vetted are vetted, quality assured and approved by Touchstone. This programme will quite literally change your life!

Monaco Grand Prix: Legacy Mastermind Course

What do you want to achieve? What is your main ambition in life? How will you make it happen?

This is a totally unique, week long immersive course of mentoring and coaching in a world-class environment, delivered by world-class experts.

You’ll attend the Monaco Grand Prix, meet prominent figures from the circuit and work on your major prize in life – your Legacy.

Over the course of a week spent in exclusive company, you’ll work alongside peers and expert, respected mentors – leaving inspired and equipped with a bespoke business plan worth £30,000.

If we don’t fully comprehend what we’re hoping to achieve, the chances of us realising our aspirations and reaching our maximum is exceptionally slim.

Building your Legacy takes planning, commitment and application. The Monaco Grand Prix Legacy Mastermind serves as a gateway – a catalyst – on your journey towards fulfilling your potential.

Can you afford not to come to this event?

Spend just two days of your life to change your future. Unless your current property portfolio is already working perfectly well for you and you’re sitting on enough wealth to see you comfortable for the rest of your life (and if you choose, your children’s and grand-children’s lives too), it’s time to do something different! And this is where it starts!

A weekend with Touchstone in Doncaster will give you the answers you are looking for.Make serious money from your existing investments by:

Make serious money from your existing investments by: 

  • Learning how to change tack with your portfolio
  • Recognising the opportunities in property today and how to take them
  • Increasing the returns on any serviced accommodation you already have
  • Understanding how self-build can be a much more profitable alternative to buying
  • Systemising your current operations to free up your valuable time to grow the business
  • Considering commercial conversions as an additional or alternative strategy ​
  • Realising the potential of buying and selling online – without stock!
  • Leveraging Multi-Millionaires techniques – at almost any level of investment
  • Making money While you sleep

Book your spot now at this exclusive event, it’s totally FREE!*

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*No that’s not a typo, there’s no cost to attend this event. We’re so sure that you’ll recognise the enormous opportunities on offer that the astute amongst you will consider carrying on your property journey by choosing a next level – paid for – course for the specific route that interests you. We know you’ll have some more questions – so here are the answer to a few.

“Will these courses be available to book during/after the event?” Yes“

And I suppose there will be discounts for those booking there and then?” Yes of course, it saves us having to sell those spaces afterwards which incurs a cost, so you benefit from that saving.

“No doubt I’ll be given the hard sell before I can leave?” Absolutely not, this isn’t an 80s timeshare scheme! There’s no benefit to us in people coming to our course that don’t really want to be there. We only want people that want to become successful in property.

And there’s more!

As if that isn’t enough, over the weekend you’ll receive: 

  • An additional networking session;
  • The opportunity to win valuable prizes throughout the weekend, and
  • A property ‘quick start’ bonus bag on Sunday afternoon

What do our course attendees think?


Q: “Is this a get rich quick seminar”A: We certainly can’t discount you getting rich after finding out more about the different opportunities on offer here. But the best way we know to long-term and substantial financial success in any strategy – including property – is to educate yourself and then apply that knowledge you’ve gained.

Q: “The course is free. Will there be sales hype?”A: You will of course be offered the opportunity of enrolling onto an advanced course, but there’s absolutely no pressure to do so. It’s your decision whether you choose to or not, we’re simply helping you make an informed decision.

Q: “How would you describe your style?”A: Completely normal. We’re just like you!

Q: “Can I attend for just one day rather than two?”A: You can but you’ll not then receive the full training on offer.

Q: “My partner thinks I’ll be cajoled into signing up for something I shouldn’t!”A: You know your own mind, but if you’re worried (or they are), then bring them along and make a joint decision; it’s their future you’re considering too. And did we mention it’s free?

Q: “Where is Doncaster?”A: It’s bang in the middle of the UK; 90 minutes from London by train, and just off the A1 and M1.


Only attend if you are serious about changing your life. Click the “Book Today” button below now to reserve your place or for more information please call the Touchstone team on 01302 897131.

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