josh poulain

Story of My Motorsport Career

My name is Josh Poulain and I’m an 18 y/o racing driver. My passion for motorsport came from a young age as my family were avid fans of Formula 1. Because of this, my interest in the sport continued to grow until Dad took me to Daytona Milton Keynes for my first time out in a kart. This was a moment I will never live down and a photo that held an event in my life which led to many more.

Shortly after this we had moved schools into the area of Cheltenham. To my delight, a girl my mum taught at this new school was called Jamie Chadwick. Jamie is now multiple W Series champion and British GT4 champion. Jamie heard about my motorsport addiction through my mum and propelled me forward into the motorsport world. She took me to where she started, Castle Combe. Castle Combe was a long way from home but despite this, Dad drove an hour to and from every Sunday to watch me race.

My first ever race season took place at Castle Combe back in 2016. It didn’t take long for me to familiarise myself with driving the kart and being under pressure in a race situation. My confidence was continuing to grow, as was my desire to prove myself in my first season. I continued to show my ability throughout the season and wanted to be seen as one of the best, despite being the new kid on the block. I had that exact drive to succeed early on in my career which is displayed throughout every year. I was pleased to come away from my first championship in P4 overall and Rookie Champion. Although, I always found something that could go better next time round, and I knew exactly what that was.

The following year, I made my return, but was no longer the rookie. This left me with only one thing on my mind, and that was the top step of the podium. Going into the season I really believed that nothing was going to stop me in my bid for the championship. I remember watching the entry list become larger and larger to the point that over 30 drivers had signed up for this coming season. Despite this, my mindset never changed, and I continued wanting to be the one to beat. The racing was incredibly close and the championship going into the last round displayed that. As we entered the final weekend, there were three drivers in contention for the championship and I was the one that led the way. With the pure determination I had that day, nothing was going to stop me. As I came into the pits and got out of the kart I was welcomed with a big hug from my parents and a congratulations for winning the championship by my surrounding competitors. There is no better feeling than the day I won my first ever championship. And as you can see in the photos, my smile shows that.

Coming off the back of my best season yet, we took the decision to take our first step up the motorsport ladder as we got our first kart to race all over the UK at regional level. This was a great year for me, and I was left with a lot to learn. This was the point where there was a lot more to just getting in the seat and driving. This championship required setups that had to be worked on in practice, as well as onboard footage to refine my driving for race day and working out how to get the most of the kart. This was just the tip of the iceberg as I had to learn all about data, which felt like I was trying to learn a new language. Regardless of having to learn so much in such a short space of time, I finished the year as CPKC Rookie Champion and 5th place overall


From 2018-21, I made the step up to British Kart Champs for my biggest seasons yet. These years were a big learning curve for me and allowed me to learn from the best kart drivers in the country. I gained loads of experience and really learnt what real racing was like. If I made one small mistake in qualifying which meant I was 2 tenths off pole, I would be outside the top 15. The grid was so close that I couldn’t afford any mistakes. Within these years I became a race winner and had qualified inside the top 5 multiple times at British Champs level

As the time came for me to move on from karting at the highest level in the UK, I was left with the hard task of moving up to car racing. With the support from my newest partner, Touchstone Education, I have been able to make the leap into car racing. This season I will be racing the Praga R1 across the country against some of UK’s top drivers. With my most exciting year yet on the horizon, I’m more than ready to bring back some much-desired results to my team and for Touchstone Education.

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Chair of Doncaster Pride Jenny Dewsnap says -    
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 Thank you, see you all in August, 

 Paul Smith