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“You can make money or you can make excuses, but you can't make both.”

Since the dawn of time, temples have been supported by strong, stable pillars. Pillars which thousands of years later still stand whilst many other buildings have collapsed around them.

Building your ‘temple of wealth’ requires exactly the same process. It is a surprisingly simple process that will give you the tools and opportunity to build true, intergenerational wealth, by putting in place multiple pillars that work together to support your chosen wealth strategy.


Most people only have one of these pillars in place, and more often than not this is a pension, But is it enough to provide anything like true wealth or only just enough to ‘get by’? And is it really risk free? When you consider that:

  • The volatility of the stock market and market crashes (not to mention global uncertainty)
  • Final salary and defined benefits pensions are quickly eroding
  • Putting your future in the hands of unknown others to invest your money in a way that may suit their end goals far more than yours

A pension alone can no longer provide the stability and returns most people want or need in your later years... let alone provide security for your children and beyond in an ever-changing financial world.

Temple of Wealth
62% of people aged 45-54 don't know how much they have saved for retirement
Annual cost of private care in the UK

Stop Saying ‘One Day’ To Your Dreams...

The four Temple of Wealth pillars work together in tandem to not only build wealth but also enable your biggest life ambitions.

Want to build a business empire that helps millions of people? The Temple of Wealth can make that happen. Want to retire early and travel the world while your wealth increases? The Temple of Wealth can enable that too.

Temple of Wealth

The Temple of Wealth starts by working on your wealth foundation: your mindset. From there, we add four core pillars:

  • check
    Property strategies
  • check
    Pension or retirement plan
  • check
    Trading businesses
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    Cash and near cash

Week by week you'll learn the importance of each pillar, and learn how to build each one incrementally. Finally, you'll also learn the importance of leverage, systems and people... 

You need a Team to Build a Temple

Temple of Wealth is a Membership website and Facebook group specifically for people who want to work with Paul Smith and his team to build sustainable long term wealth.

Paul is the founder of Touchstone Education, the author of a #1 bestselling property book on Amazon and one of the most respected enablers of wealth creation in the UK today. He and his team have enabled thousands of previous students to achieve real financial freedom.

Monthly Themes and Weekly Action Points

Temple of Wealth is about taking action, and each month it follows a key theme.

Weekly: A set regime enables you to take action, progress and receive feedback each week.

Sunday evening:

Paul will post a video with your action steps for that week.

Thursday lunchtime:

Paul’s Facebook Live session, answering questions about that week’s task.


Accountability coach time with one of the Touchstone mentors.


Permanent access to Touchstone Training Webinars!

In total you get two hours of live support each week, and once a month we have a live interview with an expert practitioner. So nine hours of live content each month, all recorded in case you miss it.

✓  Step by step: Incrementally build your temple of wealth, in bite-sized, manageable steps

✓  Structure: Structured learning, support and accountability

✓  Action based: Weekly tasks and challenges

✓  Enjoy the process: Do only the things you love

✓  Live content: 9 hours per month of live content

✓  Watch again and again: Access to the Touchstone training webinar archive

✓  No contract: No long term contract - cancel anytime

✓  Offset cost: Temple of Wealth is a business expense. Charge this against your property investment education

And, supporting it all…is you!

Temple of Wealth will provide you with the tools – the skillset – to build your own temple of wealth. But YOU have to put in place the right foundation for it to truly work. And that foundation is your own mindset. YOU have to want to make the change; YOU have to want to build your own temple of wealth because YOU are responsible for your own financial freedom.

“The right skillset without the mindset will leave you upset. You can make money or you can make excuses, but you can't make both.”

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