Touchstone Education — The Future

Touchstone's story begins a new, exciting chapter with a message from Paul.

Many people who know me will nod in agreement when I say I’m a dyed-in-the-wool advocate of following your own path...

... continuously improving and striving to reach and surpass your goals.

That’s why it will come as no surprise to those people that today, I’m taking control with unashamed ambition and announcing that my partnership with Progressive Property has come to an (agreeable) end.

I’d like to personally wish Rob and Mark all the very best and there’s a strong sense of pride when I think about what we achieved together.

I want to forge ahead with my own vision for the future of education — and not limited to just property. We have major plans to broaden Touchstone’s operations and product offering.

We continue to invest in our own self-development and are delighted Dr John Demartini has agreed to personally mentor us every month. We have had the honour of knowing this wonderful man, spending hundreds of hours in his training courses and absorbing all the publicly available information. We now feel the time is right to invest in world-class one-to-one mentorship with Dr John Demartini.

This will in turn allow us to serve our clients better as we develop Touchstone Education.

We have agreed terms on a modern two-storey 7,000-square-foot building in Doncaster. The ground floor provides offices and meeting rooms for our teams, which are expanding. The upper floor is dedicated to comfortable and well-designed training suites for our clients. We expect to be moving to this new central office and training hub in November and will continue to offer courses in both London and Glasgow to make sure our clients have the widest possible choice available to them.

We will soon be releasing details of the full range of Touchstone Education courses, meetings and seminars. For anybody interested in wealth creation, new innovative ideas and courses that nobody else offers, exclusively delivered by competent and experienced trainers, this will be an exciting series of revelations. The line-up of available opportunities and talent to deliver the courses is staggering.

As an example, we released a commercial property portfolio building product called “The Commercial Club” this summer. This is a course for those wishing to learn about building portfolios entirely focused on commercial property — shops, offices, pubs and many other different types of commercial assets. The course covers how to purchase distressed businesses or empty buildings using existing funds, private finance or pension funding. The opportunities are incredible. I have been doing this myself for decades and the excellent Dan Taylor, who I deliver this course with, has complementary skills to mine and exceptional experience. Nobody else is offering a course like this. Dan “practises what he preaches”. For Touchstone this is a core value.

Since myself and Aniko set up Touchstone, our values and beliefs have always been right at the centre of everything we do. A clean departure like this allows us to maintain a total focus on our commitment to deliver immersive and fulfilling training courses, delivered through our distinct and unique structure.

Touchstone’s Serviced Accommodation Masterclass training is now well established as the benchmark of excellence in the industry. Since 2015 we have run, continually developed and improved our intellectual property on which this course is based. We believe it is the best Serviced Accommodation Course available today. We have the support of and other industry kingpins such as Kigo and Fusion.

I have taken the time to write a book “The Serviced Accommodation Success Manual” which many kindly purchased, read and reviewed, making it a number-one bestseller on Amazon.

The feedback from our clients has been amazing and I have had the pleasure of training many thousands of people.

Much more importantly the action our clients have taken to change and improve their financial futures has been stunning. Our thousands of clients control and operate many thousands of serviced accommodation units, earning them fantastic money every month.

We will be continuing to offer our Serviced Accommodation Masterclass, with the same content, delivered by the same tried-and-tested trainers for many years to come.

The next step for those wanting to create a full-scale Serviced Accommodation business is our well-proven Serviced Accommodation Mastermind. There are no changes at all for those already signed up to this programme. It has proven absolutely life changing for so many people. The two days I spend every month with the two mastermind groups are energising and uplifting. It is truly inspirational for me to watch the progress made by so many.

It is very important to us that people who have invested in our Serviced Accommodation course via Progressive, believing they would benefit from our course, are not disappointed. We understand Progressive Property want to launch their own new ServicedAccommodation course in November. Myself and Aniko are delivering no further courses with Progressive.

If you have booked on our Serviced Accommodation course via Progressive to attend in Peterborough, or not booked a specific course date yet and would like to continue your Serviced Accommodation journey with myself, Aniko and Touchstone, please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 01302 897131. We’ll get that sorted for you.

Kind regards,

Paul Smith.

P.S. We have a new closed Facebook group that I'd like to invite you to join. You can do so by following this link.

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