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I have 40 years experience in the property sector and attended Paul Smiths Masterclass in Serviced Accommodation, an area that I was not familiar with in any great detail prior to attending. Paul and his team provided a template of knowledge and systems that enabled me to have the tools to make informed decisions for entering into the business end of  SA but also importantly how to grow the operation using the basic systems provided.

On a different level and unknown directly to Paul from just watching, listening and observing him I, after five pretty horrific years dealing with lending institutions, now have a new lease of life, in other areas of the property sector as well as  speaking at property seminars, joint venturing and mentoring people with ambitions in property who wish to learn from my 40 years’ experience of the property industry. I rarely recommend people in life but would recommend Paul and his teams serviced accommodation masterclass.

Ed Martin

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From a total newbie 2 years ago, following Paul's and progressive property strategy i now have a portfolio of 10 properties cashflowing over £6K net per month, and doing a commercial conversion to 24 flats...

John Mann