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tuesday 1st  december

Paying off your mortgage is not smart, here is why…

Join Abi Hookway and find out how thousands of people like you, get their mortgage paid PLUS are getting extra income through property investing every month.

Thursday 6th december

serviced accommodation for beginners

Learn How You Can Go From Zero to £1K Per Month with Serviced Accommodation

WEBINAR replays

Watch back some of our very best webinars where you can gain loads of fantastic property knowledge in your own time! 

deal packaging secrets revealed!

In this webinar Paul will teach you how to leverage other people’s knowledge and contacts to find the best off market deals, the simple steps to recycling your money to invest in your next project and why you don’t need a ‘war chest’ to get started as a serious property investor!

4 simple steps to profit from serviced accommodation in 4 weeks!

Our simple Serviced Accommodation nuts and bolts blueprint with case studies and examples. This webinar will take you through step by step, guiding you to setup or improve your serviced accommodation business. 

How to Buy property with 100% finance!

Many people (wrongly) assume that the most important thing they need to have to invest in property is money. In this training, Paul will show you how to get other people to fund your deals for you!