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Created and presented by the #1 Serviced Accommodation author and successful property investor Paul Smith, this unique online course is designed to take you rapidly from nothing to your first Serviced Accommodation unit. 

All without making the costly mistakes that so many people that don’t receive the right training so often make. We’ve already made the mistakes (and learned from them) so you don’t have to!

Discover how financial freedom is within reach of anyone with the right motivation by simply following our tried and tested online course structure.

You’re just 8 modules away from unlocking the knowledge to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in Serviced Accommodation FAST!

Still not sure if this is the right course for you?

If you can answer yes to any three of these then Serviced Accommodation Bootcamp is for you:

 Want to get into property investment but don’t know where to start?

 Heard about the cashflow opportunities in Serviced Accommodation but scared to take the plunge? 

 Want to make changes in your life, but can’t see how?

 Already completed a property investment course but it didn’t help you progress?

 Prefer learning online in your own time, rather than in a classroom environment?

Seeking a clear and proven roadmap to follow to success?

If you want to succeed in the lucrative and booming Serviced Accommodation sector there is no better place to start. Serviced Accommodation Bootcamp will give you the perfect foundation to create a sustainable and profitable property investment business without the stress of tenants and never-ending Government legislation.

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Bootcamp module 1:Basics

Any successful venture begins with a level of ‘Basic’ training to help you avoid rookie mistakes, and that’s exactly what we provide with our BOOTCAMP online training course. We’ve already made the mistakes so you don’t have to!

✓  Objectives and Course Outcomes

We will provide you with a proven, easy to follow step-by-step model enabling you to obtain – and go live with – your first Serviced Accommodation property in just a few weeks.

✓  What is Serviced Accommodation?

A term widely in the property sector, but what exactly is Serviced Accommodation and just as importantly, what isn’t!

✓  Why should you do Serviced Accommodation

It’s the hottest, potentially most profitable property strategy around, that is easy to master with the right tools. We’ll give you those tools.

Bootcamp module 2:OPERATIONS

It’s essential you get your Operations slick and where possible scalable right from the outset. From bookings and payment through to guest communications, access and turnaround established operations will save you time and money.

✓  Bookings and Payments

  • Online Travel Agents (OTA) booking engine such as Booking.com and AirBnB will be the lifeblood for most new Serviced Accommodation operators and familiar, but there are others! 
  • Learn how to take credit and debit card payments online, as well as bank transfers – which the industry calls ‘cash’ payments.

✓  Guest Communication and Access

  • Good guest communications and access instructions will reduce the time you spend dealing with guest queries, provide clarity about your expectations of them and help settle any issues that may arise.
  • Templated emails and texts through to completely automated communications for before, during and after the stay are covered.

✓  Your Property

  • ‘Get your house in order’ and reap the rewards! You can do it yourself but good housekeepers are literally worth their weight in gold towels! They are your eyes and ears at the property and can easily carry out many other time-saving chores.
  • Coupled with a great maintenance set up and your accommodation needs little input from you on a day-to-day basis.

Bootcamp module 3:Organisation

Work on the practical nitty gritty now and it’ll be far easier to scale your business and introduce systems to start getting those bookings and profits coming in!

✓  Why set up a Limited company to start

  • Limit your liability
  • Maximise tax efficiency

✓  Business Bank Account

  • Keep separate from your personal finances

✓  Business Expenses

  • Review and charge all legitimate business expenses to the company

✓  Your Priorities

  • Carry out a time audit – Business, family and ‘wasted’ time
  • Make time for self-development

✓  Simple Communications

  • Templated communications for all stakeholders
  • Pre-determined, timely emails and texts
  • Communication is key!

✓  Property Organisation

  • Hands on or automated?
  • Create flexibility in guest numbers
  • Guest supplies and upselling

Bootcamp module 4:technology

How technology can lighten your load, help you scale up and automate processes.

✓  Bookings and Payments

Using App technology for bookings and payments

✓  Property Automation

Automated check in/out and remote control over heating and hot water via phone or tablets

✓  Communications Automation

Automatic communications with guests and housekeeper

✓  Channel Managers

Channel Manager for OTA integration for calendars, bookings and payments

If you want proof that you can make Serviced Accommodation work with a single unit first, before you are going to build your SA business, then you are in the right place!

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Bootcamp module 5:cashflow

In which we explain how to measure, manage and take management action to correct any issues you experience with cashflow.

✓  Why set up a Limited company to start

  • ‘If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it!’ The critical importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Non-financial KPIs – guest reviews

✓  Key Serviced Accommodation Costs

  • Booking fees and card processing costs
  • Housekeepers, laundry and maintenance
  • Running costs – utilities, insurance and complimentary items
  • Mortgage/Rent

✓  Simple Financial Control

  • Book-keeping system vs book-keeper
  • The importance of monthly accounting; stay in control, NOT out of control!

✓  Cash-flow versus Profit

  • Understanding the figures
  • Spending future bookings: The effect of cancellations and ‘charge-backs’ on cashflow

Bootcamp module 6:ANALYSIS

It’s very easy to get over excited at this point, which is why initial and ongoing analysis is critical to ensure that the serviced accommodation you intend to go live with will actually work and remain optimised.

✓  Competitive Analysis – Before Going Live

  • Learn how to assess the competition
  • Compare price, availability and location
  • How competitor reviews can help you
  • Using a Deal Analyser to sanity check yourself!

✓  Simple Financial Control

  • The importance of monthly reviews
  • Understanding the financial details – no dead weight properties
  • Keeping an eye on costs and occupancy

Bootcamp module 7:MARKETiNG

Without marketing you’ll have no guests and without guests… Learn how and where, to market your properties.

✓  Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

  • Essential for fledgling SA operators
  • Understand OTA algorithms
  • Why reviews are critical for success

✓  Critical OTAs

  • The 2 OTAs essential to success and how to make best use of them

✓  Direct Bookings

  • Nurturing relationships to maximise profitability

✓  Facebook

  • Creating a Facebook Business page
  • Understanding the local area
  • Driving traffic to the page

Bootcamp module 8:Proof of concept

You’re just about ready to go; it’s time to make a decision on your first unit, check all the details and launch!

✓  Choose your first SA unit

  • Research what’s available to you and whether you already have something suitable for conversion

✓  Check assumptions and result

  • ‘Measure twice, cut once’ goes the saying. Double check everything before you commit to launch

✓  Simple Communications

  • How to scale your business for financial freedom
  • Understanding different business structures
  • Learn about capital allowance and tax efficiencies

✓  Property Organisation

  • The 7-step proven model for serviced accommodation businesses

Bonus Time!

PLUS… AS A BONUS you’ll receive a number of ESSENTIAL DOCUMENTS that Paul Smith uses for his own SA property business, WORTH £1,000!

Serviced Apartment Deal Analyser

Plug in the figures and quickly assess if a property or unit is right for you with this simple to use Excel template.


Monthly property review template

An essential Excel spreadsheet that gives you all the figures you need to assess occupancy rates AND profitability.


Booking.com iNsiders guide

An enormous 31 page document that tells you everything you need to know about getting your property working for you on the OTA giant!


airbnb insiders guide

Learn how to quickly and easily set up with AirBnB for both Enquiries and Bookings. Video and download formats.


furnishing master checklist

An editable Inventory list detailing each room and area of the property.


What people say about our training?


Paul Smith is the founder of Touchstone Education. A self-made property multi-millionaire, Paul was one of the first property investors in the UK to recognise the opportunities Serviced Accommodation offered to savvy property investors prepared to learn how to do this.

As well as owning and operating a sizeable SA portfolio, he has been a respected advocate, speaker and property educator on the subject for more than a decade and is a #1 bestselling author on Amazon for his book on Serviced Accommodation.

With a friendly and easy to understand delivery style – no matter the level of his audience – Paul’s passion for Serviced Accommodation is only too clear to see and hear.

No other course can get you up and running a successful – and scalable – SA business in such a short time. In just 8 weeks you can be bringing in enough cashflow to create a springboard to real, transgenerational property wealth!

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